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Ottawa Aikikai
155 Loretta Ave North
(entrance at left side of building)
Ottawa, Ontario
K1Y 2J7 Canada
Email: ottawaaikikai@gmail.com
Ottawa Aikikai on Loretta Avenue
Dojo Internals
The Ottawa Aikikai's classes are organized and run by the chief instructor and his senior students. The business aspects of the dojo are organized by a committee of five board members. The Ottawa Aikikai is a registered Ontario Corporation.
If you have any questions pertaining to the financial aspects of the dojo please contact one of the board members or you can send an email to all Board members at boardottawaaikikai.ca, please note this address is moderated and you will get an autoreply that your message is pending approval.

Seminar Coordinator: Don Dickie
USAF Representative: Yvon Desjardins
Board of Directors
Gabor Balogh
Oscar Metcalfe
Yvon Desjardins
Board Member:
David Beyea
Rachel Ozer
As of Apr. 9, 2018
Ottawa Aikikai Email Lists
The Ottawa Aikikai has two publicly available mailing lists:
NEWS mailing list
Subscribe to the Ottawa Aikikai mailing list if you wish to receive news about events and seminars from the dojo and the Aikido community.

Subscribe or un-subscribe to:

The list is moderated and is not meant as a forum for general discussion. Please use the face book page or the members mailing list for these items.
MEMBERS mailing list
Is intended for general use by everyone, though ideally for Aikido and Dojo related topics. You can mail the list and then in-turn you will be mailing all the subscribers to the list (the list is not moderated).

Subscribe or un-subscribe to:

The Members list and Facebook page are commonly used for:
  1. Posting questions about technique
  2. Schedule questions
  3. Sharing interesting videos or photos
Mudansha Booklet
Kyu-rank Aikido students may use a Mudansha booklet to keep a record of their seminar attendances and kyu tests.
Leaving Articles at the Dojo
If you intend to practice Aikido for an extended period of time it is worth while investing in:
  • Zories (dojo slippers) - kept at the shoe rack in the lounge.
  • Personal Weapons - can be kept on the personal weapons rack
You are asked to take your weapons and zories with you if you intend to be absent from the dojo for a period greater than one month. Members are asked to take Gi's home on a daily basis (do not leave them overnight).
Duty Roster
As a volunteer run organisation where not even our instructors are paid for their hard work, it is the responsibility of every member to see to the upkeep of the dojo. As such, weekly cleaning duties are assigned to each class. Spread over the large number of classes we offer, the actual amount of work per class should be in the 5 to 10 minute range, so not much.

Cleaning Schedule 2017. A copy of this is posted at the dojo.